Fall-ify Your Deck

October 5, 2016
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Fall deckThe temperature may be dropping, but that merely means your deck is more enjoyable as no fan is necessary. Here are a few ways to extend the use of your deck throughout the season.

  1. Decorate with blankets. If friends are coming over, toss a blanket on the outdoor furniture like a throw, just remember to bring it back inside with you at the evening’s conclusion.
  2. Bring out your outdoor games. Giant jenga, bean bag toss, football and more are all such fun back yard games and now the whether is enjoyable!
  3. Create a space to watch your team outdoors, you wont regret the investment!
  4. Decorate with fall foliage and festive items.
  5. If you’re already adding a TV area, you might as well add a fireplace or fire pit for those nights when the weather gets a little cooler. This will further extend your outdoor space into winter!

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